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Monday, 13 June 2011

Paul McCartney - I don't care too much for money cos...YEAH SURE!!!

The sales of last year's remastered Band on the Run album were not as good as expected - I bought a copy, even if I already have two different versions of it,but alas I'm a Beatle nut and tend to buy anything and everything.

I was looking forward to the rest of the McCartney solo catalogue being released in new remastered versions - Macca's solo albums are very underrated and all of them contain moments of true genius.

However I was shocked to find the price on these new versions - seems Macca has decided that the only people who will buy these albums are the die hard fans and that they deserve to be hit in the pocket. Both McCartney and McCartney II, which are released later this week, are on Amazon for pre-order at £60.97 - a mistake, surely. Not so I checked on HMV and they are also listed there at the price of £60.99 and on McCartney's own website they are being offered for over £40.

What the fuck!

OK they're nice box sets from one of the most important musicians on the entire planet but there's no way this price can be justified, and I for one will not be buying these editions.This is a shameless rip off, an attempt to fleece the die hard fans, those that have stood firm in their Macca convictions despite the loss of relevance, the credit changing from Lennon/McCartney to McCartney/Lennon, the hob-knobbing with Royalty and God know what else.

We even forgave him the Frog Song.

The Beatles remastered CD's all come in nice new packaging with bonus DVD material and the official price was just over £10 each- they sold like hotcakes. Does anyone seriously think Macca's solo albums are worth six times the Beatles albums? Obviously someone in the Macca camp does - talk about deluded! I suspect that because the albums will not sell in any massive amounts, because the Band on the Run (Macca's best known post Beatles album) underperformed, it has been decided to bring out these pricey overpriced deluxe editions in an attempt to rake in even more money for McCartney.

Money can't buy me love, he sang, but he may as well have added, give me more, more, moooorrrrreeee.

I'd like to end this piece by quoting from a song Lennon wrote about his old band mate - How do you sleep at night (?)


Davieboy said...

Well said - I'm a diehard Beatles fan & Macca's early solo albums were great, very underrated I think(my ringtone is Momma Miss America). But they're downloaded into my brain, I don't need to shell out that sort of money and it's upsetting to be expected to.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Davieboy - I love Momma MIss America but That would be something is my fave from that album. There are cheaper £10 versions that I didn't know about when I wrote this piece. Still 60 is too much for these deluxe sets. Rip off

Rascal2099 said...

Not a rip off if you're a die hard. The going rate for CDs are $15. a pop in-store. Consider there are three cds in this deluxe set...then a DVD...AND a deluxe book with many great photos and information about the album from a historical point. Add that up and it's $13 for each CD, $10 for the bonus cd, $15 for the dvd and $19 for the coffee table book (which is much cheaper than most coffee table books). Besides there are less expensive configurations of the CD for those not interested in the deluxe edition. And don't forget it's not Paul who makes the price point, it's the folks at Concord.