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Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Many authors are trying to figure out the secret to success in the eBook market, according the Fox News the secret is ...wait for it - well, the answer is simply this - titanic tits on the cover.

Male politicians aren't the only ones using tech to explore their sexual fantasies. 
Women are quietly using ebooks more and more, devouring lusty titles like "Maid for the Billionaire," "Outcast," "My Horizontal Life" and "Cotillion" -- among the current bestselling ebooks for  Kindle.

It's a trend that has made magazine publishers and companies like Barnes & Noble sit up and take notice: Women like ebooks, and women like romance novels, a lot. So say goodbye to your stereotypes. New technology sales aren't always driven by four-eyed nerds with too much disposable income on their hands. This new wave of electronic books looks like it's being driven by women who are more interested in the content than, er, screen sizes.
This technological trend may reflect the sexual differences between men and women, which have been well documented since Kinsey. One recent study suggests just how those differences have been transposed onto our digital lives, particularly online. Published last month by two cognitive researchers, "A Billion Wicked Thoughts" analyses millions of online searches by men and women. 

The unsurprising results: men go straight for graphic porn online while women covet stories whose plot lines are leavened with heaving bosoms -- and where men have "chiseled features" and "powerful thighs." That's raising hopes among book publishers.

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William Quincy Belle said...

The other funny thing, er, odd thing about women readers is that they seem to like gay male romance stories. That one certainly puzzled me. Ah, how mysterious is the fairer sex.