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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Western Fans - We Need You

Charles Whipple wrote, "Gary I put this message on the groups, but it needs to go on blogs, too. Can you oblige?"

You bet - when it comes to fighting the western's corner, the Archive always punches heaviest.

Charles' message continued:
Perhaps you've heard of the Global eBook Awards, sponsored by Dan Poynter. I went to take a look at the site as Solstice Publishing, which published my book The Snake Den, suggested some of their authors might be interested. 

Guess what.

No Westerns category.

I emailed one of the men in charge of the competition, Joseph Dowdy, to ask why no Westerns Category. He said, quote: I can't say why because no one came up with it when we created the categories.

Then he went on to say: I'll ask Dan if we can create one. We'll need judges for this category . . . but you can't judge the category you are in.

A few hours later, Joseph wrote: Do you think you could post something about our competition so that we can get judges and more writers in our competition for this category?

Everyone take note. Some people in the industry are blind to Westerns. We can help change that. Here's the URL to the contest.

Come on Archive readers - check it out.

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Charles Gramlich said...

Am off to check it out.