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Monday, 21 November 2011

UK Bestselling Amazon westerns

 Great to see my own Delta Rose sitting at no 2, while Arkansas Smith is just outside the top ten at number eleven
1 Robbery in Savage Pass (Black Horse Western) by D.M. Harrison (1 Sep 2009)

The Ballad of Delta Rose (Black Horse Western) by Jack Martin (29 Jul 2011)

Guns of Wrath (Black Horse Western) by Colin Bainbridge (30 Nov 2011)

The Shadow of Iron Eyes (Black Horse Western) by Rory Black (31 Oct 2011)

Flint's Bounty (Black Horse Western) by Ben Coady (Feb 2004)

Panhandle Drifter (Black Horse Western) by Alan Irwin (30 Nov 2001)

The Spirit of Iron Eyes (Black Horse Western) by Rory Black (Sep 2004)

Silver Express (Black Horse Western) by Gillian F. Taylor (30 Sep 2009)

Outlaw Ranger (Black Horse Western) by George J. Prescott (31 Jan 2002)

Shoot to Live (Black Horse Western) by Dan Claymaker (30 Sep 2000)


felix said...

Great news for " Robbery at Savage Pass"
everything it deserves -it`s a fantastic read
Congratulations to DH
Robin Lloyd

D M Harrison said...

Great to see my western 'Robbery in Savage Pass' doing well. If anyone wants to read some more westerns by me try 'Kato's Army'. I've got a new one 'Comanche's Revenge' out in March 2012 as well as a couple of Kindle books available now -' Buffalo Soldier' and 'Blood Brothers' and please review! I like to read any comments. (Find my authors page on Amazon)