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Monday, 16 April 2012

Blade Runner 2 and other hot gossip

Interest in the forthcoming Bladerunner 2 has escalated now that director, Ridley Scott has signed onto helm the movie. Leonard DiCaprio is working on Harker which is a retelling of the Dracula storyline and Universal have just announced that their long gestating Dracula Year Zero is due to go into production. Actor, David Morrisey has just signed for a major part in season three of The Walking Dead. And we've also heard that Billy Connely has a role in The Hobbit. The Disney backed feature film of 1970's The Night Stalker looks like having Johnny Depp in the lead role as the crusading journalist. Warners are pinning their hopes on a live action version of, The Jetsons which is currently in pre-production. And Ghostbusters 3 may now be a reality though it's rumoured the Bill Murrey's role will be recast.

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Davieboy said...

How to ruin a movie - cast Billy Connolly (or John Cleese)in it....