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Saturday, 30 June 2012

The great Sherlock Holmes debate

Seems this is an event that many London based Archive readers will enjoy:

The first two Great Sherlock Holmes Debates resulted in tens of millions of fan pages across the internet and the third debate will once again bring together the top actors, directors, historians, bloggers and commentators in the Sherlock Holmes world.

The UK Great Sherlock Holmes Debate III takes place on Saturday 4th August
12-2pm in London and on the web.

The  Sherlock Holmes Week will be a key event to raise awareness for Save Undershaw's fundraising campaign.

The theme for this debate is: "Which is the best Sherlock Holmes story?"

The agenda for the debate:

1. Save Undershaw, the story so far - and the challenge ahead.

2. The best Sherlock Holmes short story from the canon.

3. The best of the four novels from the canon.

4. Open debate - What makes a good adaptation/pastiche?

Similar to last time, we will be hosting the live element of the debate in
central London with the wonderful video skills of Ross Foad (opportunity for
1-2-1 interviews.) if you would like to come in person, or you can dial in
over the web.

We will run another fan competition via Facebook page for 10 fans to take
part live like last time.

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Clarissa Draper said...

Sounds interesting! Thanks for the heads up.