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Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Evil has landed

The year is 2018

Sarah Palin, or at least someone very much like her, is president of the USA.

And there are Nazis coming from the dark side of the moon.

After a limited theatrical run this indie sci/fi, horror, comedy hits DVD, and it’s well worth watching. I know some reviewers are slagging the movie but its such an original premise, NAZI’s escape to the moon in 1945 and executed with a great big dollop of humour that I enjoyed every minute. Of course a lot of it is satire and Germany and the UK come in for some ribbing, but it is America that the film most firmly sets its sights on. With Sarah Palin in the White House and claiming, that the only way to win a second term is to fight a war. Can she win a war against space Nazi’s though? YES SHE CAN, the slogan goes. The film slows down in the middle when the Nazi’s first return to the Earth, and it does go off the boil but thankfully it picks up for a great space battle to end the movie in which all of Earth’s nations are dragged in for some  low budget but good looking CGI.

The film is not without flaws, but then again what movie isn’t, but this is most certainly a better movie than some of the reviews suggest. I found the Sarah Palin president, who is far more Nazi than the Nazis, to be hilarious, especially when she is dealing with other nations as they all get around the table to discuss this threat from the dark side of the moon. And how can any movie that contains a killer porn joke at the expense of Hitler’s tash be all bad?

It’s out on budget DVD and well worth checking out – a cult classic in the making.

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