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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Amazon - how big is too big?

The bookstore wars are over. Independents are battered, Borders is dead, Barnes & Noble weakened but still standing and Amazon triumphant. Yet still there is no peace; a new war rages for the future of publishing.

In 1994 Americans bought $19 billion worth of books. Barnes & Noble and the Borders Group had by then captured a quarter of the market, with independent stores struggling to make up just over another fifth and a skein of book clubs, supermarkets and other outlets accounting for the rest. That same year, 513 million individual books were sold, and seventeen bestsellers each sold more than 1 million copies. READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE HERE

1 comment:

Davieboy said...

If Amazon don't sell it I don't want it. I ordered a camera on Sunday and it arrived today, with 2 (count 'em) bank holidays in-between. Cheaper than any shop. That's service.