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Friday, 8 June 2012

eBooks actually good for publishers

A new report has shown that the big publishers have a lot to be thankful to eBooks with Random House seeing a sharp increase in profits due to eBooks.

Random House said it has nearly 40,000 titles available as e-books worldwide, and while revenues were down for the year, “operating EBIT was higher year on year, especially in the United States. This rise was helped by continued cost-cutting measures and lower return rates in North America and the United Kingdom due to increased eBook sales.”

Similarly, Pearson’s 2011 annual report showed  that Penguin’s sales are roughly flat, while adjusted operating profit rose by 5 percent, again due in part to eBook sales. “Penguin saw eBook revenues in 2011 double on the previous year,” the report says. “In 2011 they accounted for 12% of Penguin revenues worldwide and more than 20% in the US. Since 2008, digital downloads of apps and eBooks across Penguin haveƂ totalled approximately 50 million.”

As times goes on it would be nice to see the results of all this meaning that author's will get better royalty rates.

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