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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Western sales up 60%

The Archive has always cheered on eBooks - right from the very start we've been predicting that the electronic reading revolution would save genre fiction and if you don't believe me check out the old posts. So I am delighted to read that sales of genre fiction such as science fiction, horror, and the western are up sixty percent from figures a year ago.

The western is on the up and many western greats are embracing the new technology - expect an interview with David Whitehead later this week who is enjoying success by releasing his back cataloug onto eBook. Chap O'Keefe is another popular western author who  is  making his popular titles available and both authors are well worth reading. George G. Gilman's exellent Edge series is now back in the form of new fangled eBooks and Piccadilly Publishing have started a program of bringing classic westerns back into ePrint. I've, of course, dipped a toe and then a foot into ePublishing and several of my titles are currently available as eBooks.

The entire western writing community needs to run with this- the market is growing at an alarming rate and will soon dwarf all other forms of publishing. If the western is not visible in this brave new eWorld then we'll only have ourselves to blame.

Saddle up and join the eRevolution.


Charles Gramlich said...

Or even Charles Gramlich's "Killing Trail" for the Kindle or Nook! :)

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing..