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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Now I'm a real cowboy

When I saw a message on Facebook from fellow western writer, David Whitehead AKA the Amazon bestselling Ben Bridges claiming that my image was used for the new edition of his novel,  Hangman's Noose I took it with a pinch of salt

David wrote -  "The latest book to get a facelift is HANGMAN's NOOSE, the fourth book in the O'Brien series and the fourth book I ever had published. Once again Cody Wells has gone the extra mile to give me a cover to be proud of ... but no, that's not David Bowie with hat in hand, it's my mate Gary Martin Dobbs!!!"

 However when I looked at the cover I thought WOW - that is me! And not just a resemblance but the designer Cody Wells, himself a tasty western scribe, looks to have based the character on a image of me.

Hey, now I'm a real cowboy, thanks to Ben and Cody. Cheers guys, a better Christmas pressie I couldn't think of.  I'll be printing that cover out and framing it so it can take pride of place on the wall above my desk.

David Whitehead/Ben Bridges wrote on Facebook - " I quote from Cody Wells now: "I saw this picture of Gary and it was just crying out to be painted." So consider yourself immortalized, Gary!"

You can pick up the book at Amazon but head on over to the Piccadilly Publishing website and look at the westerns, both classic and new that they've got on over there. They are publishing the Belle Slaughter books, an all new series of all action westerns from my good friend, Tony Masero as well as bringing back many of the adult western series that thrilled so many of us in years gone by.

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Jonathan G. Jensen said...

Hey Gary, Nice to see your smiling face on the cover of Rolling Stone, no, thats something else. Great cover, something more to read...Jonathan good stuff can be found at my blog too, please take a look.