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Monday, 31 December 2012

The last post

Here we are with a new year only hours away.

And so this post will be the last of 2012 but the Archive will be back again tomorrow NEXT YEAR) to face whatever 2013's gonna throw my way. let's hope it's a up on 2012 because the last year's been a right old shitter. Still can't complain, won't complain, because it's time to brush yourself down and run flat out at 2013 and whatever it brings.

2012 saw the publication of three of my books Wild Bill Williams, The Dead Walked Part 2 and Granny Smith Investigates. Both Granny Smith and The Dead Walked did well and Wild Bill Williams, intended primarily for the library market, was the bestselling Black Horse title for several weeks.

And 2013 looks set to follow the same pattern - firstly we have Granny Smith and the Deadly Frogs this spring and this will be followed by the final book in the Dead Walked trilogy while later in the year we will see my next Black Horse hardcover, The Afterlife of Slim McCord.

Whilst The Dead Walked story ends this year, Granny Smith will move forward and I'm really enjoying writing about this quirky old lady and I have hopes that she will prove successful enough for a long running series. So if you haven't sampled Granny yet or are looking for something to put on that new Kindle you had for Christmas take a trip up the Amazon and pick up Granny's debut in Granny Smith Investigates. The second book is only a few months away so get in on the story now.

There will be some big changes to the Archive over the coming months as 2013 sees me finally becoming a full time writer - no more day job for me, ... I must be mad!

I did consider the idea of ending the Tainted Archive and starting a blog or website solely devoted to my own professional writing - in other words the books I want you folk to buy - but I decided against that. And so the Archive will remain but change, though perhaps develop would be a better word. Hey the Archive's five years old now so it's time to move onwards and upwards.

Wish me luck...better still buy one of my books HERE and Here and Here

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Ron Scheer said...

Been a while since our paths crossed with A POLICEMAN'S LOT, a story I remember fondly. Keep on keeping on. Happy New Year.