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Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Geek Files

From the South Yorkshire Times

As a comic-crazed youngster in the 1950s Mike enjoyed nothing more than spending his pocket money on the latest sci-fi and horror adventures.
Now 60 years on, Mike’s fascination with British comics has culminated in a 500 strong collection.
Mike, of Sprotbrough said: “I was obsessed with horror and sci-fi comics so I started buying them when I was eight-years-old.
“I used to buy them and then run round to all the neighbours houses to see if any of the children had comics they wanted to swap.
“In 1976 I read a book about American comics from the 50s and decided I wanted to build up a collection of British comics.
“Over the years I ended up with a wonderful collection of about 500 comics.
“I used to keep them all in special acid free bags to preserve them and then I decided it would be a good idea to take them to a copy shop and put them together in a book.”
And after spending hours at the photocopiers scanning in his rare collection Mike’s book dream is now a reality.
The Pictorial Guide to British 1950s Sci-Fi and Horror Comic Books is now available to buy and charts rare comics from Mike’s childhood - many of which have been forgotten.
It reproduces covers and pages of comic books including Captain Marvel, Race for the Moon, Adventures into the Unknown and many more.
The former art therapist at Doncaster Royal infirmary said: “At first no one was interested but two years ago I finally found a publisher in Leeds.
“When I saw the finished book I was amazed, I just said wow, I couldn’t believe it was so good.”
Many of the titles were short lived as Mike explains the horror comic genre was dealt a devastating blow after an American psychologist with the backing of the National Union of Teachers tried to put such comics out of business.
“In 1954 a lot of the horror comics were banned, they said they were bad for children.
“So a lot of these comics series were short lived.”
And not content with producing just one book Mike now has plans for a second.
Mike said: “I want to create a book with memorabilia from the 50s, with things like film posters and annuals.
“I just loved the 1950s, everything about it, the Teddy Boy fashion, the films, it was a wonderful time.”
The Pictorial Guide to British 1950s Sci-Fi & Horror Comic Books is available by sending a cheque for £14.95 payable to Blasé Books at: BLASÉ BOOKS, Hazelwood,Birchfield Road, Redditch, B97 6PU
Alternatively, order via the Blasé Books eBay store online.

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