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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sherlock, Bert and Litopia

I used to take part in the Sunday evening online radio show, Litopia every week but due to work I have missed the show since Christmas. However the show is issued as a Podcast and this week I caught up with a few of the episodes I've missed. Of course the best way to experience Litopia is to enter the chat room while the show is being broadcast live as this gives a great interactive element to the show. I urge anyone interested in the art of writing to check the show out.

However as I say the show is available as a podcast and one recent episode that will interest Archive readers is available HERE and features as a guest Bert Coules who is the only man to have dramatized the entire Conan Doyle canon of Sherlock Holmes stories for radio production. Bert also of course was responsible for the excellent The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes which featured all new stories.

"A triumphant continuation of one
of Radio 4's great achievements"
(The Sunday Times)  

Check out the Sherlock/Coules series website HERE

The show runs for more than a hour and Bert gives out much interesting information and, as expected, there is a general discussion on the Holmes phenomenon, though panelist Dave Bartram really should read the stories before leveling criticism at the canon which it does not deserve - old Dave, I'm more of a SF man really, seems to think that all the Holmes stories rely on a megalomaniac bent on world domination -no that's only the Downey movies, darling.


Bert Coules said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the show, but I hasten to point out that while the follow-up shows, The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, were entirely my own work, the BBC Holmes and Watson episodes dramatised from the original Conan Doyle stories were the work of a small team, of which I was merely the head writer.

Bert Coules

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...


Thank your for reading the Archive. I have been a fan of radio drama and comedy since I was a kid - indeed Radio 7, now 4 extra, is the reason I bought a DAB radio in the first place. For years I have recorded radio drama for years, first on wonky old cassette tape and then onto my hard drive. I have much of your work and listened to the thirteen watches earlier. I do wish I could get hold of the version of Guns of Navarone you did. I didn't know about that one till it was mentioned on Litopia.