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Monday, 20 February 2012

Two for one

Found this offer in the latest issue of Black Horse Extra HERE - and I thought I'd repost it. If you like the sound of the offer and I see no reason why you should not then click the link above to visit the offer page.

You have a winning hand! Play your cards right to receive absolutely free of charge one of the five Chap O'Keefe ebooks shown above and to the left of this announcement.

(1) Click to your or Kindle store and buy any Chap O'Keefe western except The Sheriff and the Widow which is already available at a discount price.

(2) Email a request with the subject header "Second Book" to In the body of the email, name the O'Keefe ebook you next want to read, and state the order number you were sent by Amazon for the ebook you have already purchased.

(3) Stand by to receive by email a PDF file of the ebook you have chosen.

(4) Put the file on your Kindle. (You'll find some tips here on how to do that if you're unsure. But as they say, it's not rocket science!)

(5) Read.

"It's a great deal. Jump on it!"
Randy Johnson at Not the Baseball Pitcher  

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