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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Granny Smith sales drive

November is a big month for me - not only is my new Black Horse Western, The Afterlife of Slim McCord out at the end of the month, but this month will see the final revisions to the new Granny Smith novel before publication in December - the book Granny Smith: The Welsh Connection is the third in the popular series which  is achieving high sales on both Amazon. Com and Amazon UK.

So it's about time for a little sales drive and I'd certainly like it if anyone reading this blog goes over to Amazon and buys a copy of the first two Granny Smith adventures as listed here.

Below are a sample of the reviews for the Granny Smith series.

A light, funny story with a mystery for Granny to solve. I really enjoyed the first book - Granny Smith Investigates- so had to read this one.

A shorter story than the first book but still has all the ingredients to make it a good read. I was laughing out loud at the part where Granny Smith's son returns home unexpectedly. Really funny!

G M Dobbs has the ability to give a brief description of a character which builds an image of their personality and what they look like so you feel you know them. This is a real talent especially for short stories.

Would recommend reading this after the first book.

Pipe smoking, headbanging Granny Smith is a kindred spirit to this reader. While she has a few years on me, I too still love all things metal and, while I don't smoke, i once had a brief relationship with a pipe. Granny has a cat named Lemmy(mine was named Puss Cooper) and doesn't dress like a person of her years. Same here.

Writer Gary Dobbs has created a modern day cozy series that can stand alongside some of those series by British Isles authors that I devoured in my early years. He has a great mystery here and brings that style of cozy forward into the twenty-first century, touching on modern subjects that wouldn't have been tolerated back then, Hell, not even thought of back then.

Most excellent.

Out November and available for pre-order now - The Afterlife of Slim McCord

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