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Friday, 29 November 2013

Western Gold

Western fans will be pleased to know that our old friend Chap O'Keefe has a new eTitle for sale on Amazon.

The Archive urges readers to support the creative community by paying the meagre price for the book - we can guarantee you a damn good read.


San Francisco was hot. Too hot for troubleshooter Joshua Dillard after a vice lord drew a gun on him in a ritzy Russian Hill parlor house and he was obliged to blast him down with his Peacemaker. So Joshua brought forward a railroad trip to the wilds of Colorado where he had a job lined up for him by a mysterious Leigh Jordan, of New York City. In Colorado he was soon embroiled in more bloody mayhem, this time with hostile  attorney Walt Sloane and his thugs. Enter a femme fatale needing his unorthodox services, take a ride into the rugged foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and Joshua was soon neck-deep in deception, deviancy, and murderous gunfire. The facts that emerged concerning an abusive father, an adopted daughter, and a contestable Manhattan inheritance fell into place to tell an ugly story...

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