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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Wild West News

Author, Mike Stotter has started to release his backlist onto the Kindle - currently available are Six Trails West and McKinney's Revenge, priced at £1.14 and £1.72 UK. They are also similarly low priced in the Amazon US store. Mike is the latest in a trail of western writers who are making their stuff available, via the new eBook technology, to a wider audience - recently we've seen Chap O'Keefe's popular Misfit Lil series hit the Kindle and David Whitehead has overseen an impressive release program that brings many of his own backlist into digital print, including several successful collaborations with Steve Hayes. The Archive will be chatting to David early next week and looking at the eTitles currently available.

All in all it's a great time to be a western fan - news is imminent of the second volume in George G. Gilman's absolutely excellent, Edge series and this time several of the original novels will be collected in the one eBook. Now that can't be bad and don't forget the first volume is available now. If you've never read any of the Edge novels then this is the place to start and be warned a lifetime addiction will follow.

And the big news, the news that matters is that late summer will see the Archive celebrating another Wild West eMonday and this time we are on a mission - we want to make this the BIGGEST event yet and readers can rest assured in the knowledge that over the next few months the Archive will be nagging, begging and threatening to get as many western authors as possible to take part with guest posts - these guys will inspire you to buy a western and give your support to this genre we love.

SIX TRAILS WEST - Corralled together for the first time comes an exciting collection of stories by Mike Stotter that captures the imagination of the American Old West. Ride the river with explorers Lewis and Clark, stand shoulder to shoulder with Big Foot Wallace when a Texas Ranger’s recounts the Meir Expedition. The gold mines of California bring out the worst in people and women are no different. A cattle baron abuses his political power for his own needs. Outlaws aren’t always as they seem as one young man forced on to the owl hoot and through an act of kindness another follows a different path. Iconic themes of the Old West are given a new lease of life and you’ll be exhausted at the end of your ride.

McKinney's Revenge - When ranch-hand Thadius McKinney finds his newly-wed wife in the arms of his boss, the powerful, land-hungry Aaron Wyatt, something inside him snaps.
Two gunblasts later McKinney is forced to flee into the night, with the beef-baron’s thugs hot on his trail, baying for his blood.
Things get worse for McKinney until he discovers he is not the only one to loathe Wyatt and all he stands for.
A man cannot run forever, and even when his back-trail is littered with bodies, the fighting isn’t over. McKinney decides it is time for Wyatt to pay the Devil.

And we end with a shameless bit of self promotion - my third Black Horse Western, The Ballad of Delta Rose will arrive in print this July. Read about the writing of the book HERE.

The book is available for pre-order now from Amazon and everywhere else - the books are released in a limited print run so pre-ordering really is the best way to ensure your copy. Check out the Amazon Jack Martin page HERE

After more than twenty years of living a life on the road, Delta Rose returns to the ranch he once owned with his fiancée, Etta James. A bullet wedged close to his heart has dealt Delta the dead man's hand. He soon discovers Etta has a secret: they have a son who, by now a young man, is in trouble. He is charged with both robbery and murder. Can Delta redeem himself for a past ill spent and save the life of the son he never knew he had?

The western goes hardboiled - This July

"Then King pulled the Webley from the drawer and coldly shot Clift. The man had worked for him for over ten years, but at the moment King would have shot his own brother if he had stood before him. He watched as Clift was thrown backwards, a jagged obscenity opening in his chest, to crash against the door and slide down it, getting closer to death with each and every inch. King leaned forward in his chair, watching as Clift’s body twitched its final death throes. Then he blew the smoke from the barrel of his gun like a dime-novel gunfighter."

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