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Friday, 27 May 2011

eBooks - where next?

Everyone  knows someone who said they would never get a mobile phone or couldn’t give up film photography for digital or hated the quality of music on MP3 and stuck stubbornly with their old vinyl.
However the chances are those people now have a mobile phone that they use for making calls, taking photos and listening to music. Those who have stuck to their original position are in an ever decreasing minority.

The digitisation of modern media is inevitable.

Only this month  Amazon announced that sales of Kindle ebooks had overtaken hardback sales in the UK. The online bookseller reached that milestone after just nine months. It took two and a half years for Kindle ebook sales in the US to reach the same milestone - a measure of how far ebooks have come. In the US, Amazon now sells 105 ebooks for every 100 printed books. 

The world famous Hay festival is now underway and as the location is only a few miles from me, I visited Hay yesterday to see what was going on. And you know this town that seems to have a bookshop every few feet, is gearing up for a festival in which the main emphasis will be on eBooks. And the key words seems to be - APPS. There are several talks planned looking at the role APPS will take in the future of publishing. Rest assured the Archive will be attending many of these events and reporting back so keep reading the Archive for piccies and wordies from Hay.

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