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Friday, 1 June 2018

Accountant lives the high life by stealing money from numerous authors

Fuckwit, Darin Webb, an accountant at literary agents Donadio & Olson in New York, was charged on 15th May 2018 - accused of “cooking the firm’s books to conceal a multimillion-dollar embezzlement” according to a release issued by the US Attorney’s Office. He has worked in the Manhattan agency since 2001 and his alleged fraudulent behaviour dates back to January 2011, according to the Department of Justice document.

The charge states that Webb allegedly admitted in video interviews that he prepared monthly financial reports and sent emails to the agency’s clients “that contained false and fraudulent representations, in order to accomplish the theft and evade detection”. The agency is not mentioned in the Attorney’s Office press release, but the name was confirmed to the New York Post as Donadio & Olson.

Fight Club author, Chuck Palahniuk recently wrote a blog post HERE about the incident - the fraud has left the author almost penniless.

It appears that Darin Webb, the totally twisted fucker, stole money that was earmarked for author royalties and advances. He lived in luxury while authors involved had to struggle to simply get by. Many authors affected are angry that the agency didn't inform them of this and the first they heard of the crime was when they read the article in The New York Post. Of course it is likely that the agency's own lawyers have instructed them not to comment on the case, and the agency has given the investigation their full cooperation. The New York-based firm of Donadio & Olson is a victim of the crime. The firm represents authors James Hynes, Chuck Palahniuk and Rick DeMarinis, as well as the estates of Robert Stone, Mario Puzo, Frank Conroy, Nelson Algren, Peter Matthiesen and Studs Terkel.

Bert Fields, a lawyer representing the Mario Puzo estate, said he learned of the arrest from The Post.
The alleged theft was first discovered last fall when an unidentified author who was expecting to receive a $200,000 advance from his publisher asked Webb why he had not received the payment.
According to the complaint, Webb put the author off for months.

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