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Monday, 11 June 2018

Summer Slump in Book Sales

It's summer time and the living is......

You know the way it goes -

Whilst  there are many pleasures to the summer months, there is no better way to relax than crashing on a beach, or lounging in your garden with a good book. And yet  apparently book sales drop during the summer  - Historically, the book publishing industry has 3 seasons: winter, spring, and autumn (fall), and in 2015 a survey in the New Yorker Magazine stated that more people have a summer streaming list than a summer reading list.

And if that depresses you then join the club - the thing is you get more from reading than viewing. Reading is active, while viewing is passive.

Esquire's Beach Reads 2018

Time Magazine summer reads 2018

Harper's Bazaar 2018 Summer reads

And from the Archive' own summer reading list

Stephen King The Outsider
Belinda Bauer Snap
Anthony Horowitz  Forever and a Day
Mark Billingham The Killing Habit

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