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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Horror author Brian Keene Hospitalised

Reports are that today (June 5th 2018) horror author, Brian Keene has been hospitalised with severe burns caused in an unspecified accident - He is reportedly currently in the hospital receiving treatment.

 Brian's gofundme page reports - 'On June 5, 2018, author, podcaster, philanthropist, and father Brian Keene was badly burned in an accident.  At this time he is conscious and in good spirits but has first degree burns on his face and second degree burns on his body'

As a freelance author, Brian does not have health insurance.  We're not sure at this time how long he'll be in treatment, or how much the bill will be, but any visit to the hospital is expensive, and will only be compounded by lost wages from not being able to work.

We're asking the community of writers, horror fans, and just decent human beings in general to chip in a few dollars to help get Brian back on his feet and spending time with his loving girlfriend and sons.  We'd be very grateful for anything you can afford to contribute. 

The Archive will be donating a few pounds to help Brian and if you feel like doing so then please find his gofundme page HERE

THE FOLLOWING UPDATE APPEARED ON Brian Keene's FACEBOOK PAGE -  They are transferring Brian to a burn unit upstate. He is alert and stable but will be out of commission for foreseeable future. Thanks to all for your concern and well wishes.

We wish Brian all the best and a speedy recovery.

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