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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Solo first Star Wars movie to be regarded a flop

The Hollywood Reporter is stating that the Star Wars movie, Solo has dropped 65% of it box office after only two weeks, and this follows an underwhelming opening for the movie. Solo: A Star Wars Story is losing momentum quickly at the box office, even with a relatively quiet weekend free of any new blockbuster competition.

Solo"has now earned $148.9 million domestically, which is still shy of Rogue One's December 2016 opening weekend of $155.1 million and over $135 million short of where Rogue One was in its second weekend.The 65 percent drop is one of the highest in recent "Star Wars" history, although it is less steep than the second-week fall of the franchise's last film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi,which slid by 67.5 percent in weekend two in December — but that was also after a $220 million debut.

The Han Solo origin story missed its projected North American opening targets by about $30million and things haven’t improved. This past weekend, ‘Solo’ pulled in $29.3 million which represents a huge 65% drop from its opening weekend.

Buzzfeed’s Adam B. Vary has posted a comprehensive breakdown of ‘Solo’s numbers relative to the last three Star Wars movies. He writes: “Internationally, the film has made only $115.3M to date. With a reported budget of over $250M, it is officially the first Star Wars movie to flop.”

The film  had specific troubles that made it more expensive than it was intended to be—which means it needs to earn even more in order to break even. Firing Solo’s original directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller and reshooting much of it is what ballooned the film’s budget to insanely high levels.

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