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Monday, 19 November 2012

The Best of Alfred Hitchcock

Lifeboat - quality thriller
OK this article was published a long time ago but I've only just come across it - the Telegraph have listed Hitchock's entire canon in order of preference - it comes as no surprise to find Psycho listed as the number one movie from the rotund cigar smoking man, but would anyone have expected Notorious at number three?

The top ten are
1 Psycho (A great film and no doubt the popular choice for the top spot, but I would have placed it behind  Rear Window, Vertigo and Strangers on a Train.)
2 Vertigo
3 Notorious
4 Rear Window (personally this would have been my number one)
5 Strangers on a Train
6 Sabotage
7 North by Northwest
8 The 39 Steps
9 The Lady Vanishes
10 The Lodger

It's a surprising list and I would have likely put The Birds in the top ten and I think Lifeboat is a far better film than several of the titles that made the top ten - any film set almost entirely in a small lifeboat with nothing but sea for miles around and yet contains suspense upon suspense must be something special. The chart placed Topaz as the worse Hitchcock movie and whilst it is bad I think The Trouble with Harry is worse. You can find the full list HERE

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P.M. said...

Thanks for posting this list. I'd probably have Rear Window at the top as well. I love Notorious and it would be right there near the top on my list. Never been that big of a fan of Vertigo, but agree its a top ten. Shadow of a Doubt would be in my top ten - probably dropping Sabotage out.