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Friday, 2 November 2012

Westerns are sexy

Wanna Ride?

Hop on the Wild West eMonday wagon train.

There's something special going on this weekend - yep, we're heading towards Wild West eMonday. What's Wild West eMonday? Well, it's a celebration of all things western, when you can join in and show your support by buying a western eBook or print book this coming Monday - lots of other folks will be doing so and together we can show the support this genre - this genre that is too tough to die - holds all around the world.

No doubt, there are many of you reading this who have never tried a western before,maybe thinking the genre is old fashioned, - "hey, my dad and grandfather used to read westerns" - well, let me tell you the western is as up to date as tomorrow's headlines and unique in the sheer variety of stories it can tell within its broad genre framework. You like mysteries? - no, problem the western's got it covered. Or maybe action thrillers float your boat, or romance even- you'll find all these and many other kinds of stories out there on the fictional range.

Once again we've lined up a host of western writers, both seasoned pros and newcomers with guest posts designed to enlighten and entertain you, as we post and we hope you'll do your thing by buying a western this coming Monday - this Wild West eMonday and showing your support.

So sit back as the Archive goes Wild West crazy and enjoy the show.

So, I belong to a number of different chat-groups about books, and historical novels and Westerns and all … and at one of them, fans of Westerns are trying to raise interest in that particular genre, by mobilizing other fans, around the world to go into their local library or bookstore and ask for Westerns – any western, new, traditional or somewhere in between. The thinking is, we can achieve a critical mass of fans, and maybe take the book-selling world – if not by the throat, maybe we can gum their ankles a little, when it comes to stocking genre Western books. Which are really madly popular". THE DAILY BRIEF BLOG

Things have changed since the first Wild West Monday - back then it was all about visiting bookshops and libraries and badgering them to stock more westerns and we can still do this - especially public libraries where it is of vital importance that the western genre is visible should anyone want to try out a world of adventure. These days though with the rise in eBooks it is easy to find a western - Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple and WH Smiths all have a vibrant western list.

I hope you enjoy all we have on offer here this weekend and that some of you will by picking up a western or two this coming Monday - in the meantime I leave you with a video AD from a previous Wild West eMonday.

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