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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Star Wars: Revenge of the Jediatrics

The Disney corporation who now own the entire world apart from a small carpark in Penrhys, have announced that Laurance Kasden and Michael Arndt will write the first in the new batch of Star Wars movies. It is also reported that the new movie will be an all original story and not draw from the wealth of books, comics and games in the extensive Star Wars universe.

The latest rumors are the the next Star Wars will be subtitled: Revenge of the Jediatrics with old timers Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher reprising their famous original roles.

Chewbacca is also interested in reprising his role after recent years have seen him sink into a wookie hell of drugs, booze and cheap porn movies. The famous wookie claimed that he found it hard to find work after Star Wars and that performing in porn movies was the only way to pay the rent. But earlier this week Chewie was seen together with his old friend, Harrison Ford cruising towards the one time offices of Lucusfilm on Chewie's vintage motorbike and sidecar. This sighting is sparking speculation that the two will be reunited in the eagerly awaited Star Wars Episode 7.

Alec Guiness, who played Obi Wan Kinobi in the original Star Wars was unavailable to comment as he was otherwise engaged being dead, as was Yoda.


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