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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Clint Eastwood voted 'Coolest Actor' Ever

Cool is his business
Clint Eastwood took top place in a poll thanks to an online poll- yep Ranker been doing what Ranker does best, which is ranking things, and the website has compiled a list of how cool viewers' think various actors from throughout the ages are.

As movie fans, we like to think of our favorite actors as being larger than life. With all of the coverage that these stars get, these cool customers know how to function both on and off the screen. Often times we think of our favorite actors as being fairly close in personality to our favorite characters to whom which they portray. Obviously it's impossible for them to be a lot like their famous portrayals, but that doesn't mean that these guys aren't cool. In fact, most of these guys epitomize what cool is. Beginning with actors like Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant during the Golden Age of Film, the best leading men have had a certain aura about them. James Dean, Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen are other actors who are considered some of the coolest guys ever.  From the RANKER ARTICLE

 Clint took the NO1 spot (there would have been something wrong if he hadn't)  and Tom Hanks came in second with Steve McQueen at third place. Now I'm not so sure about Hanks topping McQueen and even James Dean who is No 5 on the list. Still it's an interesting list - check it out via the link above.

 Ranker seem to like Eastwood and he also took second place in a poll for the best western stars ever - no suprise that John Wayne took the top spot in that poll.

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