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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Woman tries to get it on with Easter Bunny

Some weird news for Easter - Police say an Ohio woman has been arrested for making lewd comments to an Easter Bunny.

Authorities say they were called to Richland Carrousel Park in Mansfield on Saturday after the woman made the comments while taking a picture with the Easter Bunny. Police report she began to ride the carousel after making the comments.

Arriving officers reported the 54-year-old appeared to be intoxicated, with slurred speech and unsteadiness on her feet.

The woman was arrested for drunkenness and transported to the county jail in Mansfield, about 70 miles (113 kilometers) north of Columbus. Authorities say she was issued a summons to appear in court and has since been released from jail.

The woman names as Donna Hughett, 54, queued up to have a souvenir picture taken with the Bunny, a park worker dressed up in a mascot style costume.

But outraged parents called police to the Richland Carrousel Park in Mansfield, Ohio, after watching her straddle and grope the unsuspecting Bunny.

Hughett was also said to have made explicit comments.

In a video posted online, Hughett can be seen pretending to kiss the Bunny and posing suggestively.
Assistant Chief Keith Porch told Fox8: "So, we received an unusual report from a citizen that an intoxicated female was doing some lewd acts on the Easter Bunny."


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