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Monday, 26 March 2018

Lunch with Sitting Bull's Grand-daughter

The success of his classic 1970's horror novel, The Manitou opened a lot of doors for author, Graham
Masterton - 'I got a lot of sales in the Native American reservations. I was taken to lunch by Sitting Bull’s grand-daughter.' Masterton recently said in an interview with The Sunday Herald.

Masterton has had a long career behind the pen - one time the editor of Mayfair and Penthouse, the author of several sex manuals as well as a long line of bestselling horror novels and in more recently as a bestselling crime writer.

'Some of my early horror books sold very well. I wrote The Manitou in 1975. It was quite left-field,
because nobody had really written about native American magic before. It sold half a million copies in six months.'  Graham Masterton


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