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Saturday, 24 March 2018

New Kindle Paperwhite on its way

The fourth generation Kindle Paperwhite is due out this winter, and the word is that it will be waterproof and feature a virtual panel system which will make reading comic books easier on the device. The device will be called the “All New Paperwhite.” This model will have two different storage configurations, 8GB and 32GB. Amazon will also be debuting a new system called “Virtual Panel” . It isolates panels in comic books, manga, newspapers and magazines so you do not need to pinch and zoom each page if the text or images are too small. Each panel is blown up and fills up the entire six inch screen and whenever you turn a page, there is a small map displayed on the bottom right hand corner. This is designed to help orientate users on where they are in a specific page.

Personally I'm hoping it gets a speaker and the ability to play audiobook just like the Oasis - but I suppose we'll have to wait and see what Amazon do with the king of eReaders.

And looking back into the Archives HERE'S my review of the original paperwhite.

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