Thursday 12 March 2009

A fistful of magazines

It's that time of the month again when the best of the American imports can be found in UK stores.

WILD WEST, my own particular favourite, features a lead article on Obama's favourite US president. AS well as the usual mix of historic articles and photographs. Of particular interest is a great article on the history of the Chuck Wagon which was originally invented in 1866 by Charles Goodnight. I also found an article in The search for the Captives of Elm Creek to be compulsive reading. It was this true life event that inspired the John Ford classic, The Searchers.

True West magazine leads with an article looking at Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution and in particular the El Paso connection. The rest of the magazine is made up the usual mixture of true life articles and film and book reviews.

And now onto the still surviving pulps:

Ellery Queen, May 2009, cover date contains the usual mixture of quality crime writing, book reviews, features and Bill Crider's always interesting Blog Bytes section. The lead story is by Patricia McFall and the cover art comes from 1936 and is by W. F. Soare.

The May 2009 Alfred Hitchcock contains many goodies within another dull cover image - what is it with the AHM covers of late? They all look like a first attempt at Photoshop. Never judge a book by its cover thought and I very much enjoyed this issue which has a humorous angle to all the stories. The Death of Condo Commando will intice both shivers and giggles in equal measure.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I've cut way back on my magazine subscriptions over the last ten years. Part of that was all the hassle with hurricane Katrina and moving around. I've still not recoverd back to my earlier level.

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