Friday 6 March 2009


I did an interview with one of my local newspapers this morning regarding my western writing and when I got to their office, I was given a gift. Must say it was a very nice thought and this John Wayne/ Bell jar takes pride of place on my desk.

I thought it was a nice gesture and I don't know where the reporter got the item from on such notice. But all the same, if your reading this, thank you.

Jack Martin is thrilled.


David Cranmer said...

Yeah, that's cool. And you have that Mickey Spillane autograph. Be careful when I visit England.

pattinase (abbott) said...

What a nice gesture-to treat a writer as if he deserved gifts.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

David- when you get over here let me know. If your anywhere near me I'll show you some of the lesser known points on interst. Enjoy he UK.

Jo Walpole said...

That's lovely. If I ever get a freebie it's tea and a biscuit...not that I'm complaining.


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