Wednesday 25 March 2009


Well I've finally seen the entire film - I originally went to see the movie in the cinema but walked out after about forty minutes because I felt the makers had betrayed the essence of what makes Bond great.

I still feel the same way and wasn't that keen to buy the DVD but I'm a massive Bond fan, always have been, and - well, I have to have the complete collection. Even if, to my mind, this is the worse of the entire series.

Casino Royale was a great action movie but on times it didn't feel like Bond and Daniel Craig's performance was a million miles away from any of the actors that had gone before. The film was universally acclaimed which I never really understood - over the years the Bond films have built their own unique identity that always made them stand out from the pack and whilst in some ways Casino Royale was refreshing it was also a Bourne clone.

In the past Bond has always led but now he follows.

Quantum of Solace goes a step further than Casino Royale and is nothing like a Bond movie - it's virtually two hours of admittedly spectacular action sequences tacked together with dialogue that really makes no sense. The plot is flimsier than the global economy and M seems to pop up everywhere as Judy Dench's character is fast developing into something of an action woman.

I'm starting to warm to Daniel Craig in the part and he does look every bit the dapper agent in the tux but the producers need to lighten things up a bit and bring back Q and Moneypenny.

I haven't revised my opinion - QOS is the pits, more Bourne than Bond but I am starting accept Daniel Craig in the role.

The extras on the DVD are piss poor which makes them rather suited to the movie they accompany.


David Cranmer said...

I just picked up the DVD yesterday and hope to watch it sometime this weekend.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

David - let me know what you thought. Is it just me aching for the old style Bond?

Jo Walpole said...

Oh dear...luckily I've never been a Bond fan (although I watch the odd film from time to time) so I don't have to put myself through this. I did (was coerced to) see Casino Royale and didn't like Daniel Craig's 'edgy' portrayal. I like the humour of Roger Moore if I had to pick.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Jo - Roger was brilliant in the role and, as time goes on, that will become apparant. The humour is important in these films.

Chris said...

Wow, starting to accept Daniel Craig? I never thought I'd see the day...LOL

Still haven't seen a Bond movie myself. I know, crazy! You'll be the first to know when I do see one.

AnthonyB said...

is that extras with a small e?

AnthonyB said...

Sorry Archivist, I have to take issue. In the books Bond is a nasty piece of work (he's a killer for Christ's sake) and the Roger Moore's Bond was lacking an edge. Yes, it was hugely entertaining but Craig is going back to basics with his portrayal (more Connery-like). I prefer it. However, Bond needs Q, Moneypenny etc and on that point I couldn't agree more. And, yes, they have allowed Bourne to steal a march on them.....which is very sad! And yes, the plot lines need a LOT of work.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

AB - You are quite correct Bond was a nasty piece of work in the book but he certainly wasn't Daniel Craig's thug - to my mind Timothy Dalton was probably the closest to the character Fleming created. However the point is the film series is distinct from the books and has spent many decades building and then cementing their idenity. The last two movies have ignored all this. Any having the Bond theme at the end of the film instead of the start - what's that all about?

QOS - Did well at the box office but the film is a muddled mess. We want the return of the master villans - the Goldfingers, the Blofeld's and not the run of the mill business men we've been getting of late.

Also in QOS the scene with the girl soaked in oil, a homage to Goldginger simply falls flat.

And you said it yourself Bourn is better - so is it time for the Bond franchise to hang up the Walther (or the knuckle dusters he uses these days) and ride off into the sunset? I'm starting to think so.

Adele said...

they are different from the earlier bond movies, but I actually thought Craig's Bond in Casino reflected Bond in the books more than the others had. Not seen QoS yet.

AnthonyB said...

Is Bond a wimp? Just finished reading Live and Let Die again (after 50 years) and was distressed to read Bond, at the end, saying to Solitaire, '...because I shan't be able to make love with only one arm.' Well, I'm pretty sure it can be done. Comments please Archivist.


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