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Sunday, 31 May 2009


An error made its way into the latest Wild West Round-Up report. Where I reported the June Black Horse Western releases. Ian Parnam's, Riders of the Barren Plains is actually out in July while Ross Morton's 300 Man was actually released last week.

The June writers are - Jack Martin, Dempsey Clay, Elliot Long, Alan Irwin and Owen G. Irons.

Check out all Hale titles HERE

And don't forget tomorrow is Wild West Monday III - so visit those bookshops and libraries and if you haven't done so already sign our online petition HERE


Chap O'Keefe said...

Gary is right in tidying this up, although there is one more June author, Ronald Martin Wade, another recent BHW entrant.

For other readers' guidance, it should perhaps be explained that the new BHWs list at Black Horse Extra reflects the fact that the ezine is a QUARTERLY, not a monthly. The list there is always of the books that are/will be new during the three months of the edition's currency. Thus in the June-August Extra we are looking at the titles that were officially published at the end of May, then those for end of June, then those for end of July.


Thanks for all the info - Keith. I ddn't want to miss any titles out.

G said...

Those covers are something else.

Pretty good artwork there.

Chap O'Keefe said...

G, Re the covers -- top one is by veteran Spanish artist Prieto Muriana (who is always very good on action), while the rest here are by Englishman Michael Thomas (who is always very good on portraiture, and who painted my favourite picture of Misfit Lil for one of the Linford reprints). You can find an interview with Michael here: