Sunday 3 May 2009

Wild West Round-up includes news of free audio-book

A massive preservation program is on the cards to preserve what is left of the historic Alamo site.

Richard Bruce, the Alamo curator, thinks it is criminal the way the place has been neglected. There's little at the site to inform visitors of the historic importance of the site, no printed information. no signs of plaques to commemorate the events. There is an audio tour but very few people take it.

Now help is on the way and an ambitious programme has just been announced to spruce up Alamo Plaza and make it an important tourist attraction. The group The Daughters of Texas who oversee the historic site have announced a $60 million plan to turn the place into a shrine and tourist attraction.

Kevin Costner, no stranger to westerns, is in talks to remake The Man Who Shot Liberty Vallance. No doubt the actor sees himself in the John Wayne role - "I think the movie is about the idea of heroism, of standing up for yourself." The actor recently told True West Magazine.

Mary Porter, a native of Ireland, ran a brothel in Fort Worth, Texas in the 1890's. The brothel was often visited by the high and mighty. When she died in 1905 she was buried in an unmarked grave at Fort Worth's Oakwood Cemetery. But now thanks to historian Donna Donnel the Irish madam has a monument placed over her grave. The new stone reads - Mary Porter "Call me Madam" b Ireland 1844, died Fort Worth june 10th 1905. The stone was provided by Fort Worth police sergeant Kevin Foster.

There is an interview with western writer, Jack Martin (that's me , you know!) at Joanne Walpole's blog HERE There's also a very flattering look at my short fiction HERE

William Johnstone fans can enjoy a free download of his western, Eagles: Eyes of the Eagles in audiobook format with a full cast recording - it's a movie in your mind. HERE
Simply fill in a short form and your download will begin.


bARE-eYED sUN said...

wow! this was a fun post!

thank you very much. :-)


Barbara Martin said...

Excellent news about sprucing up the Alamo site.

Charles Gramlich said...

Lana and I really enjoyed our visit to the Alamo about 4 years back. It was very cool.

Paul D Brazill said...

good stuff. 'Liberty valence 'i one of my fave films so I'll be a bit wary of a remake.

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