Friday 15 May 2009

Long Shadows praised by black horse vertans

Joanne Walpole's (AKA TERRY JAMES) debut western, Long Shadows, available now, has been praised by respected western scribe Jack Giles AKA Ray Foster. In a posting to the Black Horse internet forum Ray said:

"Well - what can I say about this new BHW writer? Was it worth the wait?
Yes - it was.
This book has some well drawn characters in the shape of lawman Jake Rudd, Ros West, a rancher's daughter and one time blackjack dealer and the land hungry Emmett Swain.
The plot line has several twists and turns to it - and two of the characters have secrets of their own. There is also an impact of past events that dictate how the events in the present are played out.
In one area of the book the author has introduced the element of memory loss in the character of Ros West - and this is very well handled."

The book can be bought from all the usual retailers and a sample chapter is available HERE


Jo Walpole said...

What can I say? I'm thrilled. Big thanks to Jack Giles and also TTA for the mention. :-)

Nik Morton said...

A great recommendation. I'm going to have to wait since my copy hasn't arrived yet (in Spain). Interesting, I'm reading Hondo at the moment and at least three times I've encountered 'long shadows' in L'Amour's description and each time I think of your book title, Jo.

Jo Walpole said...

Nik - maybe subconsciously that's where I got the title from, even though I thought it came to me when I was walking the dog one afternoon and watching the shadows fall on the path.

Nik Morton said...

Jo, It probably came to you from your observation rather than reading it in a book. From what you say, you write visually - seeing the scene, and this shows in description. Just checked and I used 'long shadows' in my book Last Chance Saloon...! And that was from a visual sense of my scene. My comment was highlighting the coincidence; an interesting one.

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