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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Colour eInk around the corner

eReaders are about to take a huge leap forward with the introduction of full colour eInk screens - eInk Limited has announced that its colour Triton screen will be shipped in Hanvon's ebook reader. The development should mean that ebook readers can be widely used for viewing magazines, comics and education materials, claimed the firm. However Scott Liu, chairman of E Ink Holdings didn't dismiss monochrome screens altogether, saying "Triton will compliment our monochrome product line to enable new markets". The Triton display can display 16 levels of greyscale and "thousands of colours". The company claims the display is still "fully viewable" in direct sunlight, one of the major advantages that epaper screens have over other kinds of screen.

As colour epaper screens mature, the pressure will be on Amazon to incorporate such a display in its Kindle. The firm has yet to announce when it will move to a colour display though it's unlikely to say anything during the lucrative Christmas holidays shopping season.

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