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Monday, 15 November 2010


A package arrived from the states over the weekend and amongst the assorted books, comics and newspaper were several DVD's of American shows yet to make the transition to UK TV screens, among these the new re-imagined Hawaii Five 0 from CBS. I don't think anyone was expecting too much of this, after all the much mooted Rockford Files re-make stalled at a pilot and most TV re-makes suck, but they've gone and done a Battlestar Galactica with Hawaii Five-O and actually created a good series. Is it better than the original series? Well, it's different, far more modern and fast moving and there's a much better chemistry in the new version between McGarrett and Dano, but the original series was a classic and this may become a classic given time. It's certainly a good show and has been such a hit stateside that it's bound to drift over to these shores.

Imagine CSI meets Magnum with a little bit of the A-Team and a twist of Baywatch thrown in and you've pretty much got the new version of Hawaii Five O. They've wisely kept the original (iconic) theme tune but given it a few modern twists that don't take away from the rousing action packed feel of Morton Stevens's original theme -probably the most recognisable theme in TV history. And the visuals that go with the theme are also in homage to the original but with more peaches.

When this show was first in development it was revealed that the new series would concentrate on the son of Steve McGarrett, but thankfully the makers decided against this and have merely updated the series, keeping the same characters but telling the story in a contemporary setting. It all works fine and the original premise of son of McGarrett hunting the killers of his cop father, Steve would have been too corny.

Much is made in the episodes I've watched of the differences between the methods of ex-Navy Steve McGarrett and by the book cop, Danny or Dano. This allows for some great character comedy and the actors chemistry is such that they spark off each other and are great to watch.

Reviews have been mostly positive and anyone who likes good, all action crime drama should be right at home here.

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Randy Johnson said...

The theme and that of Mission: Impossible are the two most recognizable in TV, Which is the most?