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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Meridian Bridge????

Any Archive readers know what's happened to this great site?


Bill Crider said...

Rich didn't have time to maintain it, so it's been shut down.

Randy Johnson said...

Richard said that he was retiring it to devote more time to his writing. He left it up for awhile and we hoped he might change his mind. Then one day it was gone.

Evan Lewis said...

Rich's last post was back on October 6, and titled "Happy Trails."

He said this:
"Well gang, I gotta give it to you straight.

There’s a lot on my plate, and more than a few ongoing commitments that need attention –including my own fiction.

For the next week or so, Meridian Bridge will remain, as it has the past several weeks, in suspended animation.

But now’s the time to archive anything you might want to keep. If there’s an article you wrote or interview you participated in, feel free to cut, paste and save.

You may also go ahead and disable any permanent links you have on your own sites.

As October winds along, I will let things expire here.

Also, many of you have my email address, and I’ll continue to enjoy hearing from you if you’re so inclined.

Roy said it best.

Happy Trails, until we meet again."

- Hurry back, Rich. We miss you.

Craig Clarke said...

I seem to remember a post to the effect that he was taking a lengthy break to focus on his own writing.

Laurie Powers said...

Rich put up a post a few months ago saying that he was shutting it down. I don't think it was for any particular reason other than that he was extremely busy with his job and couldn't keep it up. We all hope he will continue to stay in touch and we told him so in the last post.

Evan Lewis said...

Hey Gary - maybe our combined whining did some good.
Meridian Bridge is back!