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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

True Grit may be the big western hit we've been waiting for

The lucky critics who have already seen True Grit 2010 are adding to the hype surrounding the western by saying that it stands a good chance of winning Best Picture at the next Oscars. But whatever happens it is nice to see a western getting so much attention.

Hopefully True Grit 2010 will prove to be that rare thing - a remake that is actually good. And hopefully the film will spur new fans to check out the original John Wayne movie which, despite some of the bad reviews on the net, is an excellent family western. And then these new new western fans will find they have a range of classic westerns to be discovered for the first time.  And you never know all this new interest could create a few new western readers.

The Coens must be quaking in their boots with the high expectations for this movie, but then it was always going to be like that. They are not just remaking any old western but one of the most iconic in the entire genre and Rooster Cogburn, as played by John Wayne in the original, is one of  the biggest western actor there ever was most famous roles. New Rooster actor Jeff Bridges displays true grit in even attempting the role and advanced word is that he's made a damn good job of it.

The latest trailer (below) looks excellent with the court room scene from the original movie, more or less reproduced shot for shot. And for a fun comparison find the original movie trailer below that again


lucas thorn said...

damn the soundtrack alone was well chosen. and it looks to have a rather fine atmosphere, too.

David Cranmer said...

It looks damn good. Nice to hear my man Cash on the soundtrack.

Chris said...

I was thinking the same thing about the Cash at the end. Great choice.

winstonoboogie said...

Can't wait for this

Oscar said...

Looking forward to it for comparison purposes of course and enjoyment,too.