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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Walking Dead episode 4

Episode 4 of this remarkable series may be the best to air so far - this time there are more character moments than usual and the makers still find time for a kick ass zombie attack to end the episode. An attack which is bound to have consequences for our rag tag bunch of survivors.

By slowing things down slightly and allowing for the characters to grow, the viewer is sucked further into the story. It starts off with the two sisters in a small boat,enjoying a fishing expedition and talking about the father they may or may not have lost.

'Perhaps Florida wasn't hit as hard.' One says to the other but it is obvious they are clutching at straws.

And from there we are straight to Rik's misson in Atlanta which goes seriously wrong. There is a great scene here in a hospital filled with aged people and the relatives who protect the people from the zombie population.
The episode ends in a bloodbath  While Rick and the others find another pocket of humanity, so do the undead, as they break through the camp's defences and mount a gory assault. Unlike other series, this shows how the threat is the same for a young attractive woman as it is for a tubby, unlikeable wife-beater, as Amy all but has her throat torn out. As does the tubby, unlikeable wife-beater.
It's a bold and shocking move, but if you're going to portray the end of civilization, it's unlikely that just all the good looking ones will survive.

Personally I'm not much of a TV viewer, preferring to watch DVD's and I tend to catch up on classic shows in one bite on the full season box sets, but this is one show that I'm not going to miss.  Bring on episode five.


Lee Hughes said...

Gotta wait until Friday to see that episode. But The Walking Dead is definitely the telly highlight of the week.

john sinclair said...

Love this show! Thank Grud the second season is full length...