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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Family Guy comic in the works

For a show that was once cancelled, Family Guy certainly seems to have a lot of life in it.
Titan Comics and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products announced on Monday that they will begin producing a new Family Guy comic book series
The comic series will follow the famous Quahog family and its neighbours in brand new storylines and wacky situations.
Comic artists SL Gallant (G.I. Joe, Torchwood) and Anthony Williams (Judge Dredd, Superman, Batman) will be providing the artwork for the series.
The show, now in its ninth year and second incarnation, after a number of years off the air, was created by Seth MacFarlane. The franchise has sold 25 million volumes on DVD and has already experimented with paperbacks, including titles such as Stewie’s Guide to World Domination, Peter Griffin’s Guide to the Holidays, and Family Guy: A Big Book O’ Crap. The producers of Family Guy have also released manga (Japanese-style comic) versions of certain episodes.
Issue #1 of the Family Guy comic book series is set to hit stands in the U.S. on July 27. No word yet on a Canadian or UK release date.

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Ben Willans said...

I feel sure that this news would remind Peter Griffin of something totally unrelated to this news.