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Sunday, 17 April 2011


Due to the popularity of the Archive's recent Comic Book Weekend I've had a brainwave (well not me, really. Someone else did, but more of that later) and starting next Sunday, and continuing every Sunday,  the Archive will carry a Sunday Comic strip - this section will be called THE SUNDAY COMICS.

Sunday comics is the commonly accepted term for the full-colour comic strip section once carried in most  newspapers. Many newspaper readers called this section the funnies.

The Archive will be carrying on a long tradition - A Sunday strip is a newspaper comic strip format, where comic strips are printed in the Sunday newspaper, usually in a special section called the Sunday comics, and virtually always in colour. Some readers called these sections the Sunday funnies. Some newspapers, and this includes most British ones, published Sunday strips in black-and-white, and some printed Sunday strips on Saturday.

Archive readers clamour for their Sunday Comic Strip
What kind of strips will we be printing? Well all sorts, really and although we won't be able to run full series, we will be running complete stories alongside relevant articles. That's fair use in this Internet Age - although if any copyright owners object we will remove the post immediately. But I do hope this is seen for what it is - a small tribute to the work of the talented artists and writers of the past, who have in many ways helped shape pop culture.

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Chap O'Keefe said...

Terrific intro, Gary! A modern approach to a pop culture institution of the very best kind. I hope it all works out.