Saturday 24 January 2009

Archive interviews coming up

Early next week I will post the long awaited interview with Beau L'amour in which we talk about his father's rich legacy. There' some interesting answers in this interview and some L'amour details that even established fans will find new and fresh.

Then we've got western writer Celia Hayes towards the end of the week. And all being well next weekend or the start of the following week should see a piece with noir mistress Megan Abbott.

And after that The Tainted Archive will be gearing up for the next Wild West Monday on March 2nd with almost a month of western based posts leading up to the big day when we all saddle up and hit those shops and libraries asking for more western fiction.

So any western authors, western fans or anyone related to the genre in any way if you fancy being interviewed as part of the Wild West Monday initiative then please email me and we'll go from there.


Charles Gramlich said...

Looking forward to the interviews for sure.

David Cranmer said...

You're one busy hombre.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

David - it keeps me out of trouble.

James Reasoner said...

I hadn't seen the cover for Megan's new book. That looks great! Looking forward to the interview.

D.M. McGowan said...

Yes, looking forward to the interviews.
And, sure, drop a line.

Barbara Martin said...

The Indigo bookstore chain in Canada carries quite a few westerns.

I, too, am looking forward to the interviews.

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