Tuesday 6 January 2009

I'm going to be ill next week...AND HERE'S THE NEW DOCTOR WHO

My first acting gig of 2009 has finally come in - I've a small bit in the BBC's Casualty - one day filming as a patient but hey's it's work. I mean I get to lay in bed looking ill (which some would say is my strongest skill) and get paid for it.

The Pic here is my new publicity pic - I was going for the mean moody geezer look...I think.

Wanted to comment on the new Dr Who

Matt Smith, 26 years old....
He does seem rather young for the part - I was hoping they would have gone back to the days of a older doctor and picked me - but then Peter Davidson was only 29 when he took the role and he was great - though, the actor when recently interviewed told the BBC that he still feels he was too young and would do it differently if playing the part these days.

David Tennant is a hard act to follow and Matt Smith has his work cut out - but fingers crossed, young or not the actor certainly looks the part and is definately a talented performer.

The Tainted Archive is rooting for you.

(Pictured left - Guess, this is as close as I'll ever get. Me on the TARDIS bridge during filming in 2006)

Also Doctor Who related and for UK readers.

Across it's massive range of stores that seem to stretch all over the UK - Tesco are offering a box set of four doctor who paperbacks for the sum of £5

Good Value but what is of interest to Tainted Archive readers is that one of the books Peacemaker by James Swallow is a Western.
The other titles are The Pirate Loop by Simon Guerrier, Revenge of the Judoon by Terrance Dicks and Wishing Well by Trevor Baxendale.

Expect an archive review of Peacemaker soon.


David Cranmer said...

A great publicity photo and where do we vote for you as the new Doctor?!
I grew up on Tom Baker as Who. What's your opinion of his portrayal?

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Tom Baker threw me - see I loved Jon Pertwee and when he changed into Baker I couldn't understand it. I was only eight at the time and knew nothing of regeneration. I stopped watching until Peter Davidson took over. However years later I discovered Tom Baker on the old videos and I realised he was brilliant.In fact next to Pat Troughton he's my favourite ever.

I'm keeping an open mind on the new guy.

Steve M said...

You mean the books have the Doctor somewhere other than London? Shame the TV show doesn't get out and about a bit more...

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

And not Cardiff pretending to be london either - know what you mean Steve - the stories have been mostly Earth bound in recent years.

Jo Walpole said...

Nice new pic. I showed it to Terry and we're banned from chatting now! LOL Talk to you later. Jo

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Jo - should be able to catch you about nine. If you're on

Danny-K said...

Generally, the consensus across the Internet is that a 26 year old is too young to play Doctor Who.

My favourite quote? This:

". . . Jane Tranter, whose dead hand seems to infect every second of BBC's drama output. I bet she was a big influence on the choice of a yoof Doctor, especially as Moffat has always been quoted as wanting a man in his 40s. Then again, a man in his 40s is probably too old to play a 900-year-old character in the eyes of the corporation's current top brass."

Shauna Roberts said...

Hmmmm . . . I wish they kept each Doctor a little longer. I barely get used to one and then they change. I really hate that David Tennant is leaving already. He is my favorite of the Doctors I've watched.

Abe Lucas said...

re: Tom Baker

Last night I was watching "The Brain of Morbius"; I hadn't seen any classic WHO since Baker left, or even his episodes since I was ten. Anyway, in watching Baker I realized that what I liked about him as a kid was that he was so different than all the other heroes I worshipped as a boy. He was funny, irreverent, mostly non-violent. As an adult, I appreciate him all over again, perhaps even more. It also made me realize that pop culture has been since inundated with knock-offs of his character. Every young buck coming up has to be glib, flip, and irreverent. Watching "Mad Tom" again allowed me to appreciate how good he was then and how things have changed in the last thirty years.

P.S. And I still have my personally autographed Liz Sladen photo from when I wrote to her in 1980.

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