Wednesday 28 January 2009

Wild West News

Good news for fans of Black Horse Westerns. Those all action traditional westerns published by Robert Hale Ltd.

And it's a double whammy.

Firstly, a reliable source, has informed me that the standard print run for individual titles is to be increased since lately more and more books have been selling out in a matter of days.

Details of how large a print run have not been supplied but this is good news.

Also for readers in the US - several of whom have mentioned how difficult it is to get the books in the US, we have been informed that the US distributor is -
Independent Publishers Group

814 N. Franklin St.

Chicago, IL 60610


Tel: 312-337-0747

Fax: 312-337-1807

Readers should contact them and they should be able to help in supplying any titles needed. Likewise libraries should be able to order via the company.

Wild West Monday coming 2nd March 2009

The image below comes from Chaps O'Keefe and he claims it's Jack Martin and his gang rounding up more folk to go and support Wild West Monday. I guess that means that's Jack Giles with the Colt.

And if you're in a western mood there's a great website here that list all those old TV WESTERNS OF THE 50'S.

The site contains detailed lists, some great images and reams of, "Well, I never knew that!" trivia.


The Archive has several Black Horse Westerns (ex-library editions) to give away as samples for anyone wanting to check the books out. Details will be given on Wild West Monday - that's the second March, folks.


Ray said...

The wife reckons it must be me with the Colt and the long hair.

I received the same info re; print restructuring and US distributors - I posted those on the BHW Express and Frontier Times.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Ray - yeah saw your email in one of the forums. Like you I belong to all three. Yep that's you with the long hair and colt. Think you must have lost the motorcycle jacket in a poker game judging by your mean mood.

David Cranmer said...

Thanks for the US distibutor info. I wanna pick up Chap's book and The Tarnished Star. I was going to go with Amazon but I try to use the indie guys when I can... Where do I find the pic of Ray? Sounds too good to miss:)

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

David - oh it's just a joke related to the western cartoon at the bottom of the list. I'm pleased you are going to get Tarnished Star - I know you're gonna like it.

Anonymous said...

The US distributors have a website that lists email contacts for orders and so on. Also has a shopping cart. The URL is

I've also added it to the Black Horse Extra's NEW BLACK HORSE WESTERNS section. The new page will become the "home" page very shortly.

Maybe the giveaway books should go to the reader who sends in the best Wild West Monday story. (I hope this suggestion doesn't smack too much of the obligatory "what I did in the holidays" school essay assignment!)

Matthew P. Mayo said...

Hi Gary,
Great blog! I'm a daily visitor and appreciate your efforts in supporting Westerns. I do the same here in my little corner of the West (Montana) and encourage everyone to promote, what Louis L'Amour called "Frontier Fiction"!


Shauna Roberts said...

That's great news that we'll be able to get your new book here a little easier.


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Keith said...

I'll have to check them out. I've heard of them from some other guys, but never had a chance to read any of their titles.

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