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Wednesday, 21 October 2009


It's Wednesday and time for our weekly trawl around the Wild West Web in search of western related information - Broken Trails back after a long time in the wilderness is posting new material regularly. There's currently a review of Terry Murphy's McCrea's Last Trail over there. Part 12 of the story with no name can be found over on The Tokyo West blog. This chapter of the never-ending western comes from Chuck Tyrell and it looks as if previous contributors are going to now add new chapters as the circle comes around again. Davy Crockett's Almanack, run by the industrious Evan Lewis continues to impress with his regular postings, some time updated several times a day, on not only westerns but pretty much everything else and the kitchen sink. Laurie Powers is fast become the first lady of the west with her Blog which lately has been truly excellent. Her Santa Clarita Movies series is astounding and Laurie takes some great photographs to go with her articles.

is trailering the story with no name and the always essential Western Fiction Review continues to provide western reviews whenever we want them. Meridian Bridge is another excellent blog that provides much for the western fan. And The Louis L'Amour project is once again on the trail - recently they've looked at some L'Amour short fiction as well as Stephen King. Ian Parnham's The Culbin Trail continues to provide interest for the western fan as well as many interesting links to other western stuff you may have missed.

Short Barrel Fiction is on the look out for western short stories for its webzine. So if you fancy trying your hand at an oater then now could be the time. It's not a paying market but your work will get read by many many western fans.

And finally Wild West Monday is fast approaching so expect an increase in activity as we move towards the big day. Anyone who hasn't signed our petition then please do so as it will be taken down on Wild West Monday and sent out to publishers and booksellers. So please please stick your mark on it and western writers and fans who own blogs, please point your readership towards the petition. We can do this if we all work together.

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Laurie Powers said...

Thanks for the kind words, Archavist. I've put a link on my blog to the petition and to your blog if they want more info on Wild West Monday. In my post today, I'm also asking if readers might want to comment on how they came to appreciate the western genre.