Wednesday, 30 September 2009

2009 - a year I will always remember

2009 was important to me because it saw the publication of my first novel, The Tarnished Star written under the pen name Jack Martin. The reason I chose the name - well my grandfather William John Martin, the man who introduced me to the genre was better known as Jack. The book is dedicated to him and it was a great honour to adopt the name.

The book has done really well, both an Amazon and Book Depository best-seller, and is still in print in a great hard cover edition from Robert Hale LTD. The Book Depository has it on offer with free worldwide delivery and Amazon also have the book at a low price. Do a Google search on The Tarnished Star by Jack Martin for the latest offers.

Check out some of the reviews: HERE

And I am interviewed regarding the book HERE

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Laurie Powers said...

And 2009 is only the beginning.