Wednesday, 30 September 2009


November 2nd is Wild West Monday 4th and starting tomorrow - 1st October sees a month of nothing but western related posts on the Archive, leading up to the big day. There'll be reviews, interviews, features, a Gunsmoke podcast, a big cash competition, author profiles and more news than you'll know what to do with.

This time it's gonna be big and if you run a western website or blog then please get involved in pushing for the next Wild West Monday. Give Wild West Monday as much publicity as possible - get everyone involved.

So Western fans be here for daily in October and prepare for Wild West Web craziness. The omens are good - my vision, delivered by a ghostly figure on horseback, tells me that Wild West Monday the fourth is going to be a massive.


It's a simple premise, a worldwide gathering of fans, coordinated via the Wild West Web. It's easy to take part - all you have to do is on Nov 2nd visit book stores and libraries and enquire about their western range. If they don't carry westerns then request they do so. If enough of us do this around the world then it will be noticed and publishers and book sellers will answer the demand we have created. We can do it - we've done it before and we can do it again. Wild West Monday is go.

So be here, gathered around the camp-fire, at dawn for the kick off - The Archive's month long series of western posts to get us all in the mood for Wild West Monday.

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River Dweller said...

Nice video ad. Are you putting them on U-Tube ?