Sunday, 27 September 2009


The countdown has begun

2nd November 2009

This time in association with BHE Books we'll be running details of a cash prize competition revolving around Chap O'Keefe's popular Misfit Lil. And if you have bought a copy, or intend to, of the excellent Misfit Lil Cheats the Hangrope then hang onto your email recipet as you'll need it to enter the BHE competition. And if you want some free instant Chap O'Keefe western adventure then check out a full western novel in E-Book form in the sidebar of this blog. It's listed in the right hand sidebar and is in four parts - called The Sheriff and the Widow it's a full length novel that offers a great western story for nothing. Now that can't
be bad.

And for anyone interested in a western novel in the traditional style then check out my best-selling début, The Tarnished Star still available, with free worldwide delivery HERE. The book is going second-hand on Ebay for upwards of £15 but why bother when you can get a brand new hard cover for £9.20 GBP with delivery anywhere free. It's been constantly in print since June and is proving the western sales sensation of the year. Go get it folks.

It's the book that critics are saying, 'Is the best book I've ever had for propping up my table leg.'

So if you've got a wonky table or maybe fancy a good read you really can't be without The Tarnished Star by Jack Martin

And for the entirety of October The Archive will be posting nothing but western related posts to get you all in the mood for the next Wild West Monday. We've got interviews, film and book reviews, historical features and maybe the odd drunken cowboy. In the meantime if you haven't signed our petition then please do so HERE and let's push our beloved genre back into the limelight.

And keep your eyes peeled here and on other blogs for more Wild West Monday news - this time it's gonna' be bigger than ever.

Saddle up and let's ride for - THE WESTERN: THE GENRE TOO TOUGH TO DIE


Charles Gramlich said...

Lol. Some funny lines in this one. A free western can't be bad for sure.

Chris said...

This is gonna be a great Wild West Monday. Yeeehaw!